Spoonbill Fishing

The Neosho River dam at Chetopa is the site of world-class catfish and spoonbill (American paddlefish) fishing.

Photo By Ron Wood



Spoonbill season is open March 15th- May 15th.

Chetopa offers 2 bait shops to fulfill your fishing needs.

Riverside Sporting Goods

Steve's Bait N More


Information regarding spoonbill snagging season can be found here. According to this site the best fishing occurs at water flows of 10,000 - 15,000 cubic feet per second. The charts below show the current river flow rate and water temperature at the nearest measuring station.

83 pounds! Photo By Riverside Sporting Goods 2015
Gale Combes 72 pounds, 65 inches long- 2015 Spoonbill Season Photo By Bobby Hawthorne
Around 50 pounds Photo By Ron Wood 2015
USGS Neosho River water flow data at Parsons USGS Neosho River water temperature at Parsons
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