Chetopa Veterans Memorial

In 2017 Eldon & Etsuko Perkins made a generous donation of $100,000.00 to begin the construction of a Veterans Memorial right here in Veterans Park of Chetopa, Kansas. Since then Eldon and Etsuko along with many others have made donations to complete this project. In September of 2017 the construction of the Memorial was completed. The memorial consists of 5 Granite Slabs forming a wall, 7 Memorial Benches, 1,000 Granite Pavers, & several steel military silhouettes. The first 2 grainte slabs contained 460 names and was completely filled before the construction, the next 2 grainte slabs will contain 240 more names.

It costs $125.00 to add a name to the Veterans Memorial since the initial installation. The cost for pavers remain the same as they were before the memorial was finished.

4X8 Pavers cost $100.00 and provide 3 lines of lettering with 15 letters and spaces per line. 8X8 Pavers cost $150.00 and provide 5 lines of lettering with 15 letters and spaces per line.

If you have questions concerning the Veterans Memorial you may contact Chetopa State Bank at 620-236-7277.

You can click on the .pdf below and download a copy of the form. Once filled out return it along with payment to Chetopa State Bank, PO Box 226, Chetopa KS 67336.

Chetopa Veterans Memorial Form
Request Form to add names to the Chetopa Veterans Memorial or Engrave Pavers
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