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Welcome to Chetopa!

Thank you for choosing Chetopa as your new home. Now that you have city utilities there are a few rules that apply. Click on a link below to jump to that section.


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Utilities - Bills must be paid on or before the 20th of the month following the date of billing. A 10 percent penalty is then added to the current month’s bill, if not paid by the 20th. Any utility bills not paid in full by the 25th of the month will result in termination of services on the next business day. NO shut-off notice is mailed – See back of Utility Bill.


Reconnection Charges - Prior to reconnecting a utility serviced that has been delinquent, the customer shall pay to the City the entire balance due to the City at the time of reconnection. The customer shall also pay a reconnection charge of $50.00 for reconnection of electric &/or water.




All utility bills must be paid prior to transfer of service from one address to another, in the case of moving from one house to another.


If you should require your electric or water turned off for repairs, you must contact the city office and one of the city employees will be dispatched to provide that service. If you attempt to do it yourself you can be sited for tampering with a meter and fined by our local law enforcement.


Trash Service for the area from Maple Street South is on Mondays ONLY. Service for the Area from Maple Street North is on Tuesdays ONLY. If there is a Holiday on a Monday, then the South side has service on Tuesday and the North side on Wednesday. Trash service outside the city limits is on Wednesdays only.


Trash service out side the City limits is only available to those that are on the existing route that has been established.


A registered poly-cart will be issued to you and all household trash must be contained in a bag. See a complete listing of rules governing the poly-cart here.


The City does NOT pick up demolition or construction materials. They city only picks up brush that is from storm damage or that the city has cut. They will not pick up limbs and brush from any trees that you hired someone to cut or trim; the person you hired is responsible for their own cleanup. It is best to call in and report when you have brush to be picked up.


Large items such as furniture, mattresses, appliances, or carpet will be picked up and disposed of for a $15 fee that must be paid at time of disposal.  Please call to make arrangements to have it picked up.


City Office Information – Toni Crumrine, City Clerk can be reached at 236-7511 Ext. 2 or by e-mail at  Amy Wilkinson, Assistant City Clerk can be reached at 236-7511 Ext. 7 or,Krystal Adams, City Treasurer and Utility Bookkeeper can be reached at 236-7541 Ext. 3 or Patty Wilkinson is the Assistant Treasurer and Utility Bookkeeper and Court Clerkand can be reached at either phone number, with Ext. 4, above


The city office is open from 7:30 am – 5:00 pm Monday thru Thursday and 8:00 am - noon on Friday; it is NOT closed for lunch, unless there is only person working that day in the office. All Billing payments should be mailed to PO Box 205, Chetopa, KS 67336


If you have an emergency situation and need a police officer or the fire department, call 911. For all non emergency situations you can call the local number of 236-7311 and it will automatically transfer you to the County Sheriff Department Dispatcher and they can dispatch an officer to your location at his earliest convenience.


Service Phone Numbers

To get Phone Service call A T & T 1-800-464-7928

For more information on AT &T visit

To get Gas Service call Atmos Energy at 888-442-1313

To get the Internet, you can get high speed through your telephone provider or one of the numerous independent providers available.


Pets – The city has a leash law that applies to all dogs and cats. All dogs and cats over the age of 3 months are required to have a city pet license (tag) that must be purchased yearly in January. City tags are $1.00 for spayed or neutered pets, and $25.00 for non-spayed or neutered pets. The tags can be purchased from the City Office, proof of rabies vaccination and a certificate from a licensed vet verifying that the animal has been fixed must be provided. Failure to comply will result in a $10 fine for the 1st offense and $25 fine for each offense following.


All dogs and cats that are picked up for running at large are taken to Chetopa Vet Clinic at 601 N. 11th St. and held for a minimum of 3 days. If unclaimed they will be euthanized. If your pet is impounded it will cost you $20 to get your pet out plus the cost of any vaccination fees, if you cannot show proof that the pet has a current rabies vaccination.


The city also asks that no dogs be tethered near any water or electric meter that has to be read by the city employees. If you have a fenced yard with a pet running at large within it, you may be required to call in your own meter reading each month.


The city also has a “Vicious Dog Ordinance”. Breeds included in this category are any pit bull terriers or Rottweilers, or mixed breed dog containing either of these bloodlines. Check with city clerk on requirements to keep these breeds within the city limits.


Building & Demolition Permits

The City code states that a building permit is required for any new construction, any additions to existing structures, the moving in of any structures that are secured on a foundation, or any structure on skids that is more than 100 sq. ft., and demolition permits for any structure that is being torn down. Any applications to move in a mobile home (trailer house) must also be accompanied by photographs. All applications must be applied for by the legal owner of the property. The cost of the permit application is $10.00. This cost covers the city publishing notice of the permit in the local newspaper one week prior to the next council meeting. The governing body must then vote to allow or disallow the permit. If approved the city's building inspector then signs the application and the City Treasurer issues the actual building or demolition permit. The city cautions starting any construction until the actual permit has been received from the city, as citations will be issued for violation of this ordinance. Building code regulations can be found in Chapter IV of the city's Municipal Code, available for download through this website's Transparency Portal. Construction/demolition must be started and completed within 6 months from the date of approval. This time limit may be extended at the council’s discretion for large construction projects.


If you should build a structure on your property and would request a second drive, you will have to pay for the culvert (a minimum of 10" must be used) and for any rock supplied by the city. The city will only supply and maintain one culvert per property, if they ascertain that it is necessary that you have one.


Maintaining Your Property

Please take pride in your property; the city does have ordinances regarding the upkeep of your property and you can be sited for:  Not keeping your property mowed, junk vehicles, or property considered to be unsightly or a possible health risk


Tornado Warning & Shelter

When weather conditions are favorable for severe weather, the skies are watched. If anything is spotted that looks dangerous the weather sirens are sounded. The sirens will blow for 3 continuous minutes, which signals that you should seek shelter. The Community Storm Shelter is located at 529 Locust ST. This is the city's designated storm shelter should a warning be issued. The Community Storm Shelter was built in 2016 and is handicap accessible, and will offer shelter to 150 people in case of storms. NO Pets are allowed, also NO Alcohol is allowed in the shelter.  Chetopa School offers an on site storm shelter for students when school is in session. This shelter is located in the new library addition located at 5th & Walnut, and is used only for students and faculity when school is in session. The sirens are tested every Monday at noon, weather permitting. The sirens are also blown, as long as weather permits and only during daylight hours, when the volunteer firemen are needed to respond to a fire. You are reminded that you can be cited for following any emergency vehicle to their destination and possibly obstructing them in the performance of their duties.


Vehicle Tags & Registration

All vehicles owned by residents of Labette County must be registered and tagged in Labette County. Exceptions apply to full-time active military and undergraduate students attending college in Labette County. Persons moving into Labette County have ninety (90) days to transfer their registration to Labette County. Ownership of property in another county or state does not constitute an exception to this law. Statue KSA 8-142.


Driver’s License Information

If you have moved to Kansas from another state, you have 90 days to apply for a Kansas Driver’s License. This can be done at any of the following locations:


City Phone Location Days Time
Baxter Springs 620-856-2777 1101 East Ave. Thu / Fri 8:15a-4:30p
Parsons 620-421-2506 300 N. 17th St. Tue / Wed 7:00-5:15p
Pittsburg 620-231-0711 202 E. Centennial, Ste C11A Tue - Fri 7:00-5:45p
Independence 620-331-8202 200 Arco Pl., Ste 119 Tue - Fri 7:00-5:45p


Registering to Vote

Applications are available at the City Office or you can go to the Courthouse to register. You must re-register if you move from one address to another; even if is within the same town.


City Elections are usually held every 2 years to vote on Councilpersons.

The City Council meets the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month at 7pm at City Hall located at 618 N. 11st St.


If you need to get assistance from the DCF, forms are available at the City Office, if you fill out the form in advance to take with you it would be greatly appreciated by the DCF. Their phone number is 620-421-4500.


Assistance Programs

Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIEAP) - Heating assistance available from Jan – March

Application can be made beginning on the announced starting date in January of every year online at The Chetopa City Library has public internet available.


In Order to qualify, applicants must meet certain requirements, these requirements can be found at


Labette County Emergency Assistance Center (Based on qualifying guidelines of their board, and you can only apply once within a calendar year.)

1921 Crawford, Box 271

Parsons, KS  67367

(620) 421-0700


SHARE THE WARMTH  Atmos Energy Heating Assistance Program. To receive an application call Toll Free: 877-566-2769, Extension 403. Assistance is available one time per program period form October 1 through April 31.


Applications must include:

  • Copy of Applicant’s Picture ID;
  • Copy of Current Atmos bill;
  • Copy of all household pay stubs to show gross household income; and
  • Copy of disconnect notice if applicable.


Eligible Income Guidelines


Size of Family Annual Income Monthly Income
1 $23,544 $1,962
2 $31,860 $2,655
3 $40,180 $3,348
4 $48,500 $4,042
5 $56,820 $4,735
6 $65,140 $5,428
7 $73,460 $6,122
8 $81,780 $6,815


  1. Applicant must be the person responsible for paying the energy expenses
  2. You must provide sufficient proof of need to the Salvation Army
  3. Income must not exceed 200% of federal poverty guidelines (2015 above)
  4. Your request must prevent disconnection of service for the following 30 days

Contributions can be mailed to:  Salvation Army Headquarters, Share The Warmth Program, P. O. Box 412577, Kansas City, MO  64141-2577



USD 505 Chetopa-St. Paul has a main school located at 430 Elm St. The street in front of the school is open to one-way traffic only going to the East between 6th Street and 4th Street. The Main building houses preschool through the 12th grade. Classes are from 8:00 am – 3:30pm. The Preschool classes are only ½ a day and switch from mornings to afternoons at the semester break. You can contact the central office at 620-236-7244. The School's website has a complete list of activities and calendar available at

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